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BK Style and Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK) Eco-system

“Bridging fashion and community”

FWBK is an invitation-only fashion, trade event for the press, buyers and fashion influencers, taking place in the borough of Brooklyn; where influential bloggers, trend-setting retailers and celebrities connect directly with fashion designers and innovative brands.


FWBK connects the general public to fashion by hosting several public events during the Fashion Week; panel discussions, pop-up shops, outdoor runway shows, in spaces such as art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and spas.

FWBK considers sponsorship and advertising partnerships from brands that can deliver an unparalleled experience to our attendees by seamlessly integrating their brand/product into the FWBK eco-system.


FWBK is a unique opportunity for designers and new innovative brands to connect with members of the press and create their own eco-network of buyers and engage consumers.

FWBK eco-connection extends to the brands looking to engage the consumers and build on their eco-system of marketing to new and old consumers. FWBK build an eco-system for brands to make the direct connection to reach their consumers.

FWBK eco-system event structure encourages its partners to share their brand experience with our attendee through the use of its products or services at all of FWBK events.


FWBK runway presentation is three days of back-to- back runway shows, from innovative designers from around the globe.

BK Style/FWBK Eco-system philanthropic support

Established in 2006, BK|SF, has devoted each season of FW|BK to support charitable organizations, in 2015 BK Style Foundation became a committee partner to Denim Day NYC to raise awareness on sexual assault/violence, BK|SF partner and support Art In Motion Show, Beauty for Freedom, Soles4Souls Foundation, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, and Colel Chabad. BK|SF lends a voice to social issues including human rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, eco-friendly initiatives, poverty, community development and leadership training.

Denim Day NYC

In the spring of 2010, community agencies and local government officials partnered with Peace over Violence in L.A. to hold the first ever Denim Day NYC press conference highlighting issues of sexual assault and violence. This annual campaign is commemorated in April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Denim Day has become a symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes about sexual assault. Denim Day NYC, now in its fifth year, incudes sexual assault awareness campaigns throughout the City in the month of April. Over 45 community based organizations and dozens of elected officials attended the Denim Day NYC 2015 press conference.

Art in Motion Show (Beauty for Freedom and Batey 106 Project)

Founded in 2014 by the Foundation for Art in Motion (AIM) and BK|Style Foundation, Batey 106 Project is an arts education platform introducing basic artistic skills such as painting, sketching, composition, shading, and mural painting to upwards of 120 youths from Batey 106 in the Dominican Republic. During their time with our volunteer staff, the children and young adults in our program get access to photography workshops, arts education, fashion workshops, filmmaking opportunities, and painting workshops. Beauty for Freedom - Beauty for Freedom is an innovative, sustainable platform providing the industries of Beauty, Entertainment and Fashion with a means to raise awareness, accountability, and financial contributions for charitable foundations and non-profits who fight human trafficking globally through public campaigns, workshops, and fundraising events..

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