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Event title: Fashion Ball

Date: October 6 – 12, 2019

A borough-wide experience showcasing the diversity of talent, spaces, art, and fashion.

(subject to change)

Day 1: Sunday October 6

Private Event for Designers and Crew 

Day 2: Monday October 7

Honoring and Celebration of Dapper Afrika 

Open to the Public RSVP – 6pm to 10pm 

Hosted by: Illmatic Scream @illmaticscream_tvartdirector 

Location Host: Bedford Manor 1177 Bedford Ave 

Day 3: Tuesday October 8

Panel Discussion "Beauty Inside Out"

Open to the Public

RSVP - 6pm to 9pm 

Hosted by: Courtney J 

Location: Cloe’s Corner 535 Atlantic Ave 

Moderator – Courtney J 


Keenyah Hill @keenyah.hill 


Angela Jordan @ang_jordan 

Eve Chen @melangenyc 

Jordan Emmanuel @jordy_jor 

Sarah Hamel Smith @thecurvytrini 


Category 5 @cate5ory 

Day 4: Wednesday October 9

Art Meets Fashion

Open to the Public (Ticketed) 

Hosted by: Art Apple NYC 

Curated by: Concept Shop 

Location: Art Apple NYC 1427 Dekalb Ave 

Art, Fashion, Food, Music 

Day 5: Thursday October 10

Streetwear Fashion Runway

Ticketed – 6pm reception / 7pm Showtime 

Location: Cope NYC – 630 Flushing Ave 

Hosted by: Artist Snyp @snypluciano |  Azia @azia.iam 


W - Dalia Makar @dalia_makar 

M/W– Hood Goodie - @hood_goodie 

M/W – Alisha Desai – @desai_designs 

W/M - Berchell Afrooklyn @afrooklyndondada 

M/W – CSP Fashion - @cspfashion curated by Debra Ginyard 

W – Set Set Set @setsetset_official 

M/W Lenny Vuitton @lennyvuitton 

MW – The Collective at Indigo Style @indigostylevintage

M – Elie Balleh @elieballeh

Day 6: Friday October 11

RUNWAY Designer Collections – “Hello Africa Fashion”

Ticketed – Ticketed – 6pm reception / 7pm Showtime 

Location: Cope NYC – 630 Flushing Ave 

Curated by – Free State Fashion Week @fsfashionweek 



W – Rorisang

W – Mabel

W – Sonia Jerry 


Day 7 Saturday October 12

Gen K Runway Show (Morning)

Open to the Public RSVP – 11am Showtime 

Hosted by: CityPoint 

Location: CityPoint – 445 Albee Square west 

MC Joshua Junior @joshuajuniortech 



Zyem Clothing – @zyem_nyc 

Black Girls Sew - @blackgirlssew 

Day 7 Saturday October 12

SS2020 Designer Runway Show (Evening)

Location: Cope NYC – 630 Flushing Ave 

Hosted by: Shirley Capaldo @shirleycapaldo 

Artist: Mikel Lyrik @mikelyrik 



M/W - Kortney Williams Foraign – @for.aign 

W – Fatale Maison @fatale_maison 

M/W – Dreu Beckemberg - @dreubeckemberg 

M/W – Lava Woman @lavawoman 

MW – Stevie Boi @sbshades 

W – Alexander Chen – @alexanderkingchen 

M/W – SanGiulio Moda – @sangiulio_moda 

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