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CREATIVES@FWBK is a graphic and media design apprenticeship program run and led by FWBK and the BK Style Foundation. At FWBK, we see that creativity comes in many forms in the fashion industry and beyond. Through guided projects and 1-1 mentorship with our Art Director and our Founding Director, you will gain insight and knowledge into what it takes to run not just a fashion show, but a week of fashion events. We welcome all creatives, Graphic designers, Set designers, Web designers and Creative writers to take part in the 3-6 month long program designed with a flexible schedule for interested participants of all backgrounds.

Each season, we release new FWBK collaterals for publicity and marketing. These often include digital graphic content, print material as well as event-centric merchandise such as button pins, stickers and our upcoming publication the BK Style Paper. Various insights can be gained from each design process.






Always wanted to do a short film? Have budding ideas for an illustration project? Wish you could design your own publication?


Through our Creatives program, we always encourage creatives to take the time to develop their dream project. In the duration of the apprenticeship, each creative would be given the opportunity to develop one of their dream project ideas with the help and guidance of the FWBK team.

We help our creatives by tapping onto our networks, providing 1-1 feedback and available resources to make the project a reality.

Best of all, the project doesn't have to end when the program ends.




We encourage all selected creatives to be a part of each fashion week period. That is, the dates where FWBK runs which happens only twice a year! This is the best opportunity to see all the hard work you and the team have put in finally come together.


As a creative, this is the chance for you to see the runnings of a fashion week, a chance to see how pre-production moves on to backstage and onto the runway.






Tell Us About Yourself 

Please note that while there are no strict deadlines for application, we highly encourage all creatives to apply 3 months before our next Fashion Week Brooklyn. The upcoming season "Empowering Brooklyn Style" is happening in early April. 

If you do not have a portfolio website, you may email a PDF of your portfolio to

Thanks for submitting! Your application will be reviewed!

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