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FWBK Designers selection process

Each designer wishing to participate must submit a pre-qualification application. Upon approval, FWBK will send designer a welcome package. Each Designer must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of FW|BK.

  • FWBK presents collections from apparel brands on the runway or fashion installation.

  • Third-party and individual sponsors are not allowed thru FWBK, designers can opt to have a sponsor for their show with no affiliation to FWBK (All Official sponsorship must be approved through event producer).

  • Runway shows are organized into 3-4 days of  a back-to-back runway presentations from approximately eight (7) designers on each day

  • Each designer can have HMU look (beauty looks) base on their beauty mood board (mood board must be send to Beauty Coordinator prior to show). Any elaborate HMU must be approved by the FWBK team.

  • Each day of runway presentation has the same attendees. FWBK does not re-seat attendees within each designers show.

  • Each designer’s runway show is approximately fifteen (15) minutes.


  • Collections must be ready-to-wear or couture. (all designs must be approved by FWBK)

  • Each collection must represent the season of the show (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter)

  • The designer collection must be ready 15 days prior to FWBK event (to present 10 to 15 looks)

Runway Looks

  • *10 - 15 Runway looks per designer

  • Designers can opt for 15 - 25 looks for an additional registration cost

  • *Designer collections must represent FWBK current season (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter)


  1. FWBK considers all applications for review

  2. Key factors for design consideration is; Workmanship, Style, Creativity

  3. Complete online application (candidate will receive automated email that application has been received by our system).

  4. FWBK approval team will review application and respond within 10days

  5. If application is approved to show, applicant will be sent an approval email with final registration instructions, which must be returned within 7 days.

  6. Upon final registration applicant is sent a FWBK Designers welcome packet , with additional event info and an agreement to sign


  • Venue with runway, lighting, sound, backstage set up

  • PR for retailer/buyers and press invitations

  • Pre-event press release

  • FWBK hair & makeup team

  • Front of house for ushered seating

  • FWBK open call casted models

  • Models coordinator to assist with agencies models booking

  • FWBK styling  team and back-of-house coordinator with dressers

  • Music Director to coordinator music

  • Backstage set-up with racks, hangers, steamers/iron

  • Designer will be included in the event program/on-line schedule; name/bio and picture on FWBK website (with link to designer’s website) which will be seen by the press, media, buyers, fashion bloggers, stylist and fashionistas.

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